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Cutting-Edge, Decentralized, Peer to Peer, Transparent, Trust-less, Blockchain-based software solutions for corporations of any kind. 

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Are you fascinated by blockchain technology, want to work in a high-paced and challenging environment, and are looking for a job in Berlin, with the proper incentive structures?

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Why is there such a hype for Blockchain?

The latest developments in the blockchain industry show the enormous potential this still young technology bears. From completely autonomous systems over trust-less platforms to decentralized powerhouses. Everything is possible.




years of experience

Our expertise

Our cumulative experience in blockchain technology stacks up to over 100 years with over 60 carefully selected employees from around the world.

One of our proudest clients

1. Overseen by an established Lisk Foundation, a non for profit based in Zug, Switzerland.

2. One of the most successful ICOs in history; over 14,000 BTC raised in early 2016.

3. Working on a blockchain SDK for JavaScript developers to build decentralized apps with ease.

Lisk: Blockchain Apps made easy.

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